Pednor Field - Flying Rules

  1. I.C Powered flying shall only take place from the site between: 0900 hours and 1300 hours on Monday, Thursday and Friday, 0900 hours and 1400 hours on Saturday. (Large gas turbines not permitted)
    At all other times the only model aircraft to be flown shall be Gliders, and those aircraft powered by other means.

  2. Between the hours of 0900 hours and 1400 hours on Saturdays, no more than 2 model aircraft shall be flown at any time and no model shall be operated which produces a noise measurement in excess of 79dB when measured at a distance of seven metres. (D.o.E. noise test).

  3. All I.C models to be flown on Saturdays may be noise tested by an authorised Club member before being permitted to fly.

  4. Pilots must always fly I.C. powered aircraft - south of Hollow Way and west of Drydell Lane to minimise any possible disturbance to homes in Chartridge Lane, Upper Pednor and Pednor Road. Due care and consideration must always be given to other users of the Bridleway along the side of the field, especially with regard to horses and riders.

  5. Members have access to the club field via the Bridleway. All vehicles must be parked in the concreted area designated. No vehicles should be left on the road entrance or the Bridleway. No vehicles are allowed in the field, except on occasions approved by the Committee. All gates must be kept closed at all times.

  6. The first member to arrive each day must unlock the road gates and leave open with the chain and the club’s padlock securely locked to one of the gates.
    The last member to leave the field each day must ensure that all equipment is locked away, and that all gates are closed and locked. Make sure that our landlord will be able to open the road gates using his padlock alone.