About Our Flying Club


Chesham Model Flying Club (CMFC) has grown steadily since its formation in 1988. We have the use of two prime flying sites, one near Tring which we own and which is suitable for all but the very largest models, but not particularly quadcopter friendly. The other, near Chesham is leased and is better suited to smaller models of all disciplines and is more quadcopter friendly. Both are situated in beautiful green belt countryside and have excellent close mown take off and landing areas.

New members are always made very welcome. If you would like to join us, we suggest that you visit the Newground field, near Tring, on a Saturday. Our gate is always closed but unlocked if flyers are there. Any member will be pleased to show you around and introduce you to the other members flying. We can also offer a flight on one of our buddy box models with the instructor of the day. Pednor Group At other times it may be possible to arrange to visit midweek. Please contact membership@chmfc.co.uk if you are interested. We will then arrange a mutually agreeable first meeting at the flying field. We want you to see if this club is one that can help you to enjoy model flying.

If you do not already hold a BMFA ‘A’ or ‘B’ rating, we allow safe pilots to practice their skills as solo flyers. Your flying ability will be assessed before you fly by one of our instructors who will also brief you the local flying rules.

Our Flight Training Scheme comprises a number of BMFA approved instructors, who are all ‘B’ certificate rated pilots and work on a rota basis on a Saturday morning at our Newground flying site. We encourage you to learn to fly on the club trainers using a buddy box. The instructor’s rota is included in the club newsletter, and our online Calendar, with all relevant information on how to contact us.

We also have a BMFA certified examiner within the club, so when the time comes for those 'A' and 'B' Certificates, we can guide you and then arrange for you to take the test.

In addition to flying, the club support a social side which includes regular newsletters, BBQ’s and club nights.

Membership of the club requires a one off joining fee (see our Membership page) as well as annual club fees. There is no joining fee if you are a junior or in full time education. We are also an affiliate club to the BMFA which requires that you hold BMFA insurance to fly.

There is more information about the formation of the club in our Archive section.

If you like what you see and want to apply for membership, you can contact the club through our membership secretary for an application form.