Newground Field - Flying Rules

  1. I.C. Powered Flying shall only take place from the site between 0900 hours and 1900 hours on Weekdays and Saturdays; 1000 hours and 1800 hours on Sundays and Bank Holidays.
    Electric Powered Flying: Any daylight hours.

  2. Free Flight models, including rockets must not be flown.
    Discus Launch Gliders (small) may be flown.
    Larger gliders can only be flown using a tug aircraft to tow the glider into the air.
    Both tug and glider must be fitted with independent release mechanisms.
    Both pilots must hold minimum of BMFA ‘B’ rating.
    Gas Turbine models are permitted to be flown.

  3. The 27 MHz band is not permitted. (Site safety)
  4. No vehicles must be parked in the field entrance or Newground Road.
  5. Access to the field must only be made through the main gate. This gate must be left unlocked but closed once you have entered the field. The last member to leave the field after a flying session must ensure that all equipment is locked away, the track gate is locked, and the main gate is locked.

    Vehicles may be driven to the unloading point adjacent to the flying area, using the vehicle track only. Once unloading is completed, the vehicle must then be parked in the designated car park. Vehicles must not be driven on the close mown walkway, the flying area or set-aside land.

    Pilots should always fly within the boundaries of the club’s field, and, under no circumstances over-fly the railway lines.