Bombing Event Rules


Although this is primarily a “fun day” at the flying field, attention to safety, as always, is of paramount importance!

The bombing competition is for fixed wing aircraft, either I/C or electric. The object is to over fly the patch at a predetermined height, (see rules below), and drop a bomb. The bomb has to land as near as possible to a target in the centre of the patch. The distance the bomb lands from the target will be measured as per the rules below. The aircraft therefore must be fitted with a “bomb release mechanism” (brm) that can be operated from an appropriate channel on the transmitter when required, in order to accurately drop the bomb. The pilot can either build a brm himself/herself or one can be supplied by the Competition Director, (CD), on the day. The brm is easily attached to the plane with rubber bands. The servo lead from the brm is then plugged into the appropriate spare channel on the receiver, usually channel 5 on a Futaba radio. The bomb should be an M8 or M10 nut securely fixed to approximately 2 foot of ribbon to ensure a slow and safe descent to the target.


  1. There will be no practice bombing runs on the day.

  2. Each pilot will be allowed two attempts at bombing the target for each round that is flown.

  3. The target will consist of a sheet pegged down in the centre of the patch.

  4. On each attempt the pilot will take off into wind and climb out on the first circuit to align over the patch. This will be the first pass and must be into wind.

  5. The pilot will be allowed a second and third pass either of which can be used as the bombing run and must be into wind. The bomb must be dropped from 40 foot or higher above the ground. Failure to do so will incur a foul bombing, CD to judge height.

  6. After the third pass, (circuit), the pilot must land regardless of whether or not the bomb has been successfully released.

  7. The distance from the bomb to the centre of the target will be measured.

  8. A foul bombing is void and a maximum of one per pilot is permissible. A second foul bombing will result in disqualification.

  9. The aircraft must be in a safe and serviceable condition to fly again. The CD’s decision will be final.

  10. Once all entrants have had their first attempt the second attempt will be flown in the same order and this will then constitute one round.

  11. The winner will be the nearest to the target after all rounds have been flown.

  12. No helicopters or hovering devices, e.g. hang gliders, are allowable.

  13. All club rules and attention to safety will apply.

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  15. At all times the CD’s decision will be final.