Balloon Bursting Competition


This competition is simple in principle but difficult in practice, either way it’s fun! The objective is to fly over the patch at the appropriate altitude in an attempt to burst helium filled balloons that are randomly spaced and anchored to the ground by cotton tethers approximately 10 foot in length.

Bursting the balloons, or releasing them by cutting their tether, will both score points,
(see rules below for scoring).
If you are good enough, any “loose balloons” i.e. ones that have had their tethers cut, can be burst whilst they ascend.


  1. Any propeller driven fixed wing model may enter, including electric.
  2. All models will be scrutinised by the Competition Director ("CD"). No special or unsafe modifications are allowed.
  3. The object of the competition is to burst balloons and/or cut the cotton balloon tether.
  4. Several helium filled balloons are fixed to cotton lines and attached by small skewers to the patch.
  5. Each pilot is permitted one helper.
  6. Pilots must stand on a small mat placed by the CD at the side of the patch and no movement from this mat is allowed.
  7. All flying will be carried out in front of the pilot in accordance with normal club rules regarding "dead" airspace.
  8. Pilots will fly individual slots of up to four minutes depending on the number of entries. Two rounds will normally be flown.
  9. Timing starts on the CD's whistle the moment the model leaves the ground or hand in the case of a hand launch. No crafty taxiing amongst the balloons is allowed. Restarts are permitted provided the model is still safe to fly.
  10. Scoring.
    a. Each cotton tether cut scores 5 points.
    b. Each Balloon Burst scores 50 points.
    c. Anyone who bursts an ascending balloon (cut free or otherwise airborne) will score 500 points.
  11. The competition will start promptly on the arranged date and time.
  12. All club rules and attention to safety will apply.
  13. At all times the CD’s decision will be final.