CAA Operator Registration

  1. The CAA Operator Registration fee of £9 is payable if you fly (operate) your own model and it weighs more than 250g but less than 20kg. Even if others fly your model.

  2. You can pay the £9 through the club renewal page BUT also through the CAA site direct. Do not pay it twice. The Operator Registration number will be issued by the CAA.

  3. If you choose to pay the £9 through the Club you agree that the Club/BMFA may pass your details to the CAA to complete the registration.

  4. The £9 Operator Registration does not require a competency test or BMFA “A” or better achievement. You can be an Operator(Owner) without being a flyer.

  5. To FLY your own or others models you need to pass the BMFA/CAA competency test OR have achieved BMFA “A” or better.